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VMX Crushes Jela Cuenca and Robb Guinto fight over hottie Nico Locco in this sexy riot movie. Hazel and Daisy’s friendship might end in a war as they find out that they are actually dating the same person, JJ aka Jamey, an AFAM. Who will win this foreigner’s heart?

A Vivamax Original Film ‘AFAM’! Starring VMX Crush ROBB GUINTO, VMX Crush JELA CUENCA, Nico Locco, Alexa Ocampo, PJ Rosario, Roi Alonte with the special participation of Katya Santos and Giselle Sanchez! Directed by Linnet Zurbano.

Native Title: AFAM
Also Known As: Foreigner, A Foreigner Around Manila, A Foreigner Assigned in Manila
– It means “A foreigner assigned in Manila.” Used by bar girls and gay men to refer to, well, foreigners, especially men, and especially Westerners whom they consider to be potential gold mines.
– It is Philippine urban slang that means foreigner usually a Westerner. From an acronym “A Foreigner Assigned (to) Manila”. Probably originated from businessmen and bankers assigned to Manila visiting the “bar scene” there after their work day ended.

Starring: Jela Cuenca, Robb Guinto, Nico Locco, Alexa Ocampo, Katya Santos, PJ Rosario, Roi Alonte, Giselle Sanchez

Directed by: Linnet Zurbano