Ang lalake sa parola (2007) full movie LGBTQ 1080p


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Harry Laurel portrays a man on a journey of self-discovery in this romantic drama. Despite dating the beautiful Suzette, lighthouse caretaker Mateo has never been truly content with his life. That is until he meets a tourist named Jerome who shows him what he’s looking for.

Mateo is a lighthouse caretaker dating a teacher, Suzette, in a small town that is trying to increase tourism. Jerome stumbles across Mateo and Suzette having sex while he is on holiday from Manila. A local gay man who pays local teenage boys for sex talks to Mateo about the negative aspects of being gay in the Philippines. According to local legend, a lighthouse fairy seduces desirable men who then never marry. Mateo’s relationship with Jerome leads to self-reevaluation.

Starring: Harry Laurel,Jennifer Lee,Justin De Leon

Directed by: Joselito Altarejos