Lovely Ladies Dormitory 2022 S01E02 ALMA, THE LIVE SELLER vivamax season 1 full episode 2


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Lovely Ladies Dormitory 2022 S01E01 STELLA, THE NURSE vivamax season 1 full episode 1

Starring: Andrea Garcia , Hershie De Leon , Yen Durano , Tiffany Gray , Julia Victoria , Alma Moreno , Gene Padilla , Nico Locco , Massimo Scofield , Millen Gal , Chad Alviar , Yuki Sakamoto , Shirley Fuentes , Anne Andres , Mauro Salas , Anthony Dabao , Amor Lapus , Rita Martinez , Matt Francisco , Aerol Carmelo , Allan Paule , Isadora , Alona Navarro , Aica Veloso , Chariz Po , Roi Alonte

Starring an ensemble of Vivamax’s up-and-coming sexy actresses with Alma Moreno. Directed by seasoned director, Mervyn Brondial. Five modern women live together in one roof as they deal with their families, career, and men; and explore their colorful sex lives.

Directed by: Mervyn Brondial

Lovely Ladies Dormitory Season 1 Episode 2

Season 1 Episode 2: ALMA, THE LIVE SELLER

Stella deals with her heartbreak while Alma receives a heartbreaking news… her live selling account gets locked for her recent ”flash sale.” Alma gets a new source of income thanks to her friend / fubu Carlo. Can she deliver? Or will danger come her way?